Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Exciting times!  We thank God for the privilege that we have to see God doing something in a foreign country.  This past December, the Lord provided the money to purchase land for our future church building.  The next step was to hire an architect to design our plans, which has been completed.  Our people believe that this is the will of God.  They are also sacrificially giving towards this project.  They will be helping with free labor costs as much as they can.  We are currently renting a room that is part of a house.  The church has reached its maximum potential in our current location.  We must build!  We are trying to raise $50,000 to build an auditorium, baptistery, and two bathrooms.  Right now we need $2,000 to get our foundation built as soon as possible.  The total cost of the foundation is $3,000 and the church is raising $1,000 to help share in the burden.  Please do not feel obligated to give for the entire building, any part you have will be greatly appreciated.  Honduras needs your help!  This is an excellent opportunity to be involved in worldwide evangelization.  We would also welcome groups to come down and help build.  Lord willing, our auditorium will be started this coming February 2015 and the summer following some groups can come down and help build Sunday school classrooms.  Please pray as to what your church can do to help with this exciting mission’s project.

BIMI held a Central American Field Conference here in Honduras this month.  I was very encouraged to hear about what God is doing in Central America.  There are still many needy areas in Central America that do not have any Gospel witness.  Central America is not even close to being evangelized.  I am thinking of our area here in Olancho.  There is one city called Juticalpa, which has 150,000 people and no gospel witness.  Thirty minutes further down the road, another city called Catacamas, which has 200,000, that doesn´t have a gospel witness.  There are town after town with no gospel witness.  The Harvest truly is plenteous.  We have been able to survey many of these towns.  Please pray for more laborers.

 The people in our area are hungry for the gospel.  Through many false teachings over the years, the people are now looking for something refreshing, the living water.  Our city, Campamento, hardly has any American influence.  There is much that can be done here.  We would love for any teachers to come down and help us.  There is a big demand for learning English.  We would love to have someone come and teach English full time it would be just another way of outreach here. If you know of anyone that would like to come and help for an extended mission’s trip, please contact us.  Thank you for your prayers and support.

Your missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo