Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Our goal has been to reach the teenagers and help them grow. We have one teenager that will be graduating from high school in November. Then we will have more graduating every year after that. We have an opportunity to send forth an army of laborers into His harvest field. We also have young teenagers and kids that will be coming up. I am preparing the older teenage guys to preach His Word this year. As of June, these young men will be preaching our mid-week service. We are currently making preparations for a year-long furlough in two years time. When we get back, we want to start a Bible Institute. We also have another church, Iglesia Bautista Filadelfia in a nearby town. Our plan is to start more churches throughout Olancho. We will be sending out missionary groups from our church, to start these churches. We will maintain these churches until we can put in a national pastor. There are many towns in our area that do not have a gospel-preaching church.

This ministry has been growing! But with this growth comes many new burdens. We have not had very many mission’s groups from the States visit the ministry here. It has been especially hard to find someone who would be willing to come and help us on a long-term basis. We have been growing our church on teenagers, not adults. Our offerings are not self-sustaining at this point because of this. However, our labor and your prayers are now coming to fruition. Right now, our teenagers have bus routes. They are learning to have a burden for people. After they get saved, we give them a Bible the following Sunday. The next step is memorizing the books of the Bible. We then get them baptized. It has become a “thing” for our teenagers to be involved in ministry after they get baptized. Every month, we have a verse for the month. We give anyone a candy bar as an incentive to memorize the verse. More than anything, ministry is at the forefront of our church.

Everything that I have explained, will be extremely difficult to accomplish without our church building. We still have not had enough come in to put on the roof. Before we leave for our one-year furlough, we would love to have our building up. Our Bible Institute will be in our church building. We are averaging about 70-80 people a Sunday in my garage. Our church is going to be a sending station for our area. We need this building! Please earnestly pray for our building that we will be able to complete it. Pastor, if you have a young couple that would love to be part of a missionary team, please contact us. I hope I have been able to communicate my heart’s burden with you. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo

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