Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Our first month back was an extremely eventful month.  When we got back to Campamento, we lived in one of the hotels for 3 nights while we tried to find a house.  Once we moved in to it, we then had to get settled in it by buying everything we need for it.  This requires a 2-3 hour drive.  About a week after we had moved in, Abigail got dengue fever.  We drove to the capital and then she was admitted to the hospital for 5 days.  Praise the Lord my mother-in-law flew to Honduras on a moment’s notice to take care of the children while I stayed at the hospital with Abigail.  She is feeling better and has made a full recovery.  Thank you to the churches that helped us with this unexpected medical emergency.

Now that is over, we now have been putting the focus back on the church.  We discovered that many of the people have grown tremendously while we have been away.  We have heard testimonies of their sacrificial efforts to keep things going.  One important thing was picking other people up for church.  They now see the need to reach out to the community.  Their desire for soul-winning and reaching people has only gotten stronger since we got back.  I heard one of the members give a testimony about their sacrificial giving while we were away.  I was blown away.  I have never heard such a commitment to the Lord and his work here in Honduras until I heard their testimony.

We have found a piece of property that is about ¾ of an acre for $20,000.  I have $5,000 on hand right now.  I am going to propose to the owner if he can take my $5,000 and pay him the rest in 3 months.  Please seriously pray with me about this.  This is the cheapest property that I have found land and we are in desperate need of a building.  From the testimonies that I have been hearing, these are very worthy people.  I had someone tell me that he won’t come until we get more space.  We hate to see people come to church only to leave because there is no space.  Our church has been praying and giving with faith that God would provide them with a meeting place.  I am reminded of the widow and her mite.  The widow gave her mite, but was nothing compared to all the riches that the rich people gave.  In God’s eyes she gave the most because she gave all that she had.  Would you please seriously pray for any part that you might have concerning this piece of property?  I will be posting a video on our website so you can see it for yourself.  I will also be giving an update on the work with my prayer letter.  My website is  Thank you for your prayers and sacrificial giving.

Your missionary in Honduras,

Daniel Jacobo