Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

We are experiencing exciting times!  Please pray for our building project.  We are trying to raise $50,000.  We need a place to put everyone that comes.  In Campamento, there are no buildings that we can use for a growing church.  It is time for the people to have a church building.

Just this past month, we saw two baptisms.  An elderly woman, named Felicita, accepted Christ as her Savior which is rare for someone of her age to do.  We then talked about her need to obey the Lord in baptism.  The other person is a boy named Isai.  His mother led him to the Lord and he wanted to follow the Lord in baptism.  I praise His name for more people that see the need for the Lord.

We had a special visitor that came to survey our town to help with a medical brigade.  He does brigades all over the world.  There is a possibility that we could one in Campamento.  Its purpose is to assist the local church.  This would give us an opportunity to reach more people.  The place that we are currently meeting in does not have the capacity to handle the amount of people that will come as a result of this brigade.  Our ONLY option is have our OWN building.  We must build it to prepare ourselves for the future growth of the church.  We will also have a missionary couple that is coming to help us.  The Lord is certainly blessing and will continue to bless your mission dollars.  I am excited about these upcoming projects.

Please pray for our 4th year anniversary on August 31, 2014.  Missionary Samuel Hodges will be preaching.  While we were on our furlough, he sent his preacher boys from his institute to intern in our place.  This was a special blessing to us and to our church.  The people learned so much from watching other Hondurans in the ministry. As a church, we are very excited.  Please pray for 100 people on Sunday morning of our anniversary.

As I have been watching the news, I know that it can be discouraging to see many Central American kids being sheltered while waiting to know what is going to happen to them.  The journey to the States illegally is definitely dangerous, but we are making a difference.  I believe the problem is spiritual and not political.  We must become more aggressive in reaching the Latin people.  My heart breaks when someone says that they are going to the States illegally.  I am also encouraged because there are people that we have counseled not to go to the States.  There is a man named Elmer who went to the States three times and was sent back each time.  I am telling him that God can bless his life in Honduras just as in the States.  God doesn’t change, no matter the country.  He has no education.  He separated from his wife 10 months ago and they have a little daughter.  Please pray that Elmer will see the Lord in this situation and be saved.

I will be coming to the States in October for 3 weeks to raise money for our building project.  Please pray that my time will be very fruitful and that the Lord would touch many hearts for the Latin people.  Thank you for your prayers and support.

Your missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo