Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

This past week my sending church sent down a group to visit us, which included my pastor.  My church sent down 8 people and that is the largest group that we have ever had (view photos). I know much prayer was made for the trip. They arrived at the airport in Tegucigalpa on August 4, 2015. The next day I had planned for them to work on the building construction. The foreman said that the group was such a big help during that day. They were able to lead all the construction workers to the Lord. A total of 6 were saved that day. On Thursday, I took the group to a town called Buenos Aires. We left the ladies at a house to help prepare lunch. I took the guys to a nearby jungle-like place to look for monkeys. That was a grueling hike as we made paths with machetes. We were the very first foreigners to hike in that jungle. Later in the day, we had the first service in the same town. I was the first missionary to hold service there and 56 people showed up. Please pray with me about the possibility of going back to start a church. I want to pass out Bibles the next time we go there. Pray about what part you can have in giving the word of God where it is has not preached. There is no church in the small mountain community except for a little Catholic Church, which the people said they don’t want.

On Friday, the group did a Bible club for the bilingual school where I teach. They taught on the wordless book, American history, Bible stories and games. Later on, my pastor preached at another independent Baptist church in a town about 20 minutes from us. On Saturday, we had our anniversary dinner with the group. It was such a special night. Our family have been to churches where the people have given us things so we decided to return the favor. I told our people buy some reminders of Honduras to give to the group. What a special time that was. What a great group of givers that we have.

After that service my wife stepped into a hole and broke the little toe on her right foot in four places. I immediately drove 2 hours to the nearest hospital. We arrived at about 12:30am and they said they would need to admit her and prep her for surgery. I knew my wife was in a safe place, so I drove back to Campamento. I returned about 4:30am. I got about 3 hours sleep that night and then I had to prepare for our 5th year anniversary on Sunday by picking people up for church. We had about 151 that showed up for service with 10 salvations. I wasn’t able to take a nap in between services and then picked up people for Sunday night church. We had 47 people that came for that evening service with 2 baptisms that we baptized for the first time on our new property. In total, the group saw over 200 people come to service, 16 salvations, and 2 baptisms. Our church was strengthened because of that group.

Please pray for 3 men that have been greatly encouraged: Delmer, Jose, and Dani. We thank our sending church for sending this group and especially our pastor’s wife, Sandy Silva. It didn’t work out for her to come on this trip. They were willing to sacrifice their 31st anniversary in order for the group to be here. That was the first anniversary they didn’t celebrate together. I know that was a huge sacrifice.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Your missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo