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May 2018

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, This letter is a continuation from last month, detailing what is happening here in Honduras. In March, we took some teens with our family to scout an area for a camp. Praise the Lord, we found a place. We are making preparation to host an annual family camp next year. [...]

April 2018

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, Our goal has been to reach the teenagers and help them grow. We have one teenager that will be graduating from high school in November. Then we will have more graduating every year after that. We have an opportunity to send forth an army of laborers into His harvest field. [...]

February 2018

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, God is so good! That is what my feeling has been these past few weeks as I see God working in our church in Campamento. About a year ago, we started to pick up an elderly man who was 89 years old and he was a drunk. He wanted to [...]

January 2018

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, Urgently pray for Honduras! Honduras held their elections on November 27, 2017. It is very complicated to explain the entire problem with the elections, but there was political unrest because of it. It was between two main candidates, Juan Orlando (National Party) and Salvador Nasralla (Opposition Alliance against the Dictatorship). [...]

November 2017

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, Happy Thanksgiving! We are certainly thankful for everything that the Lord has allowed us to do in Honduras and for what He will do.  My family and I want to thank you for investing in our lives and the ministry that the Lord is doing here in Honduras.  Without your [...]

September 2017

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, Thank you to everyone that participated in the $300 love offering to help us with expenses as we serve the Lord in Honduras. It has been a huge help, but not everyone gave. We still need help! This love offering will cover a lot of areas in our ministry as [...]

July 2017

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, We need your help!  We are asking each of our supporting churches for a $300 love offering to help us with many needs that we have currently.  If each church were to give $300 we would be able to cover these needs.  This is a list of them: Our truck. [...]

May 2017

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, What a blessing it is to serve the King of kings and Lord of lords! At our last youth service, I was watching five young, faithful, teenage young men fellowshipping with each other. They were joking and messing around. As I was watching them, I noticed that they are going [...]

February 2017

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, What a Sunday!  We celebrated our 6th annual Friend Day on February 12, 2017.  We had 112 that came in attendance.  We are currently using our house as the church.  We packed more than 60 kids into our living room.  We had 4 in the nursery and over 20 first [...]

December 2016

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, Merry Christmas!  It doesn’t matter what country I am in, I always enjoy Christmas.  On the 24th of November, we celebrated Thanksgiving in our church.  This is a tradition that we started about 3 years ago, the people love it.  Every year more people keep coming.  The most important part [...]