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July 2015

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends, This is a very urgent prayer letter. A few months back money was given for our building project and it was used to pay for the preliminaries of the project. In May, $3,000 was given to start on it. We decided by faith to start on the project. We have [...]

May 2015

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, We have broken ground for our new building.  We had enough money to have a tractor come and level the property.  We have found our construction foreman.  The next step is going to be to refill it, and then put the foundation in. The cost to refill the property is [...]

March 2015

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, Emergency update! I was invited to teach at a private, secular, bilingual school in Campamento. This school is the most prestigious in town. The principal of the school has said that if I teach at the school, I would have complete liberty to invite children to our church. I immediately [...]

January 2015

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, What a start to the New Year!  First, let me tell you about our family conference in Trujillo.  It was amazing to hear some of the stories how the people raised the money to pay their own way.  Some of the people that went had not been faithful to church [...]

December 2014

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, Merry Christmas! While I was in the States, I got a lot of great ideas. When I got back, I really focused on the teenagers. When I was in the States I said to myself, “Why can’t we have in Honduras what we have in the States?” I have tried to [...]

October 2014

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, Our anniversary was a success!  We didn’t reach our goal of 100, but we were just 5 people shy of it.  It was amazing to see all of the people involved to help reach our goal.  I remember when we first started the church, my wife and I did all [...]

August 2014

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, We are experiencing exciting times!  Please pray for our building project.  We are trying to raise $50,000.  We need a place to put everyone that comes.  In Campamento, there are no buildings that we can use for a growing church.  It is time for the people to have a church [...]

June 2014

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, May was quite a month!  We are happy to announce a new addition to the family, Anabel Sophia Jacobo.  She was born on May 15, 2014 and weighed 8 pounds. Baby and mother are doing fine.    Due to this birth, my in-laws came for 2 weeks to visit.  Four years [...]

April 2014

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, Exciting times!  We thank God for the privilege that we have to see God doing something in a foreign country.  This past December, the Lord provided the money to purchase land for our future church building.  The next step was to hire an architect to design our plans, which has [...]

February 2014

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, Let´s rise up and build! Thank you again to everyone that helped with the purchase of the property.  Our architect is almost done with the final plans.  He is also going to give us a budget of all the costs including toilets, tile, sheet rock, rebar, cinder blocks, etc.  One [...]