Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Merry Christmas!  It doesn’t matter what country I am in, I always enjoy Christmas.  On the 24th of November, we celebrated Thanksgiving in our church.  This is a tradition that we started about 3 years ago, the people love it.  Every year more people keep coming.  The most important part of the celebration is when we give thanks to the Lord.  For the month of November, I challenged the people to thank at least one person each day.  As humans, we can easily take for granted the things that people do for us.  It was awesome to hear person after person giving thanks to the Lord.

Now that Christmas season has started, I want to start putting the focus on Jesus.  We can become so distracted that we forget the real meaning of Christmas.  I am explaining that some of their customs for Christmas are not bad, but Christ isn’t found in them during Christmas.  I am explaining to them what my family does.  It is important to have good traditions during Christmas that puts the focus on Christ.  The town is still trying to form its own identity.  This is a good way to put more Christ in this town.

Please pray for our building project.  We have not been doing anything with the building since August.  Please pray that we can raise more money for our building.  I would like to finish it before our next anniversary (August 2016).  Our teenagers that we have in our church are amazing.  I have been encouraging our teenagers about the potential that they have for their future.  Their futures are bright.  One teenager told me that she doesn’t understand everything that she is doing, but is trusting my counsel.  These teenagers are ready to see God do something great.

With a lot of teenagers in our church, comes many different problems.  One teenager named Patricia, has been having a rough time at home to come to church.  Patricia’s mom died and her dad has been raising her.  Later, her dad found another woman.  This woman has been raising her ever since.  She has been exploiting Patricia by impeding her from going to church.  Many people believe that going to church is a waste of time and that you need to work.  Please pray for Patricia because she really wants to be involved in the things of the Lord.

Pray for another one named Oscar.  Oscar lives with his mom in Campamento.  His dad lives in San Pedro Sula (a city about 6 hours north of us).  Oscar has been doing well in the church.  His dad came and told him that he is ready to take him to San Pedro Sula to live.  Oscar told him that he didn’t want to go to San Pedro, but he wanted to stay in Campamento with his mom because he wanted to continue to go to church.  These are special teens!  By faith, they accept my counsel without knowing how God will use them.  These are reasons why we need the building built.  Thank you for your support and prayers.


Your missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo