Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

We are now at the second half of furlough and are fast approaching our return to Honduras. I received a phone call from Bro. Cesar, one of the men that I left in charge, and he told me that the work in Honduras is continuing to grow. They are now averaging about 80-90 people every Sunday. He has had to make several trips to pick people up. They are now taking the initiative and visiting people on their own.

I received another phone call from Bro. Luis, Bro. Cesar’s brother-in-law; he wanted my permission so that someone else in the church could teach him how to drive. The reason he wants to learn how to drive is to help to pick people up for church. This overwhelms my heart and gives me more of a desire to be there.

When we get back, we will have a good foundation. Hopefully, we will have two drivers that can take over the “bus” ministry” and so I can focus on other things. We need to start a Bible institute, and train the men of the church how to preach. We have willing servants, but please pray that we would be able to purchase some things to continue the work.

Needs for the ministry:

  • Land/Building- The work is continuing to grow and I would like to have the money when I go back in June.
  • Buses- I have the drivers, we just need buses.
  • Personal Truck- This truck would be used for personal use and to go to the villages to preach. The truck will also be used to help start more churches in more towns.

Your missionary in Honduras,

Daniel Jacobo