Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Let´s rise up and build! Thank you again to everyone that helped with the purchase of the property.  Our architect is almost done with the final plans.  He is also going to give us a budget of all the costs including toilets, tile, sheet rock, rebar, cinder blocks, etc.  One thing that will not be included will be labor.  Our church in Honduras is helping to raise money for the building.  The church is committed to giving $1,000.  I sense the Lord is doing something in the midst of the people.

The Lord has been sending wonderful people to our church.  Please pray for a lawyer that has been attending the church with his family.  He has been helping financially with some of the costs of the ministry.  This is something he did of his own free will.  As with all the people here, there is confusion about salvation, but I believe he is close to being saved.  I also have two 12 year old boys that I am taking with me soul-winning and visiting.  Many people are excited about what is going on in the church.  The lawyer that has been attending our church said that he has never been part of or seen anything like what he is seeing.  We have also started a Bible institute.  I praise God for what He is doing.

I have tried to relay the vision God has given me to the people here.  It is hard for them to grasp everything, until they saw the designs for the new building.  The building is going to a sending station for all of Honduras.  We first want to focus on sending out couples into our state, Olancho, then all of Honduras, and then the world.  I have found countless cities in Olancho without a gospel preaching church.  I can only imagine what God has planned for our church.

We need your help!  I am not sure of the exact costs at this time, but if you would like to make a one-time love offering to help us buy the materials, that would be greatly appreciated.  We are also looking for any groups that would like to come down to help us with the construction.  We have nice hotels to stay at.  I am thankful for this opportunity that the Lord has given to reach all of Honduras.  Let’s do all that we can to get the gospel out to this lost and dying world.

Your missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo