Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

We have arrived to the States!  For some reason this trip to the States is feeling weird than the last furlough.  I am missing all the Honduran foods and I especially miss Honduras.  This is the first time our youngest child, Anabel, has been to the States.  We took her to the snow and she wasn’t impressed by the cold.  All of us have been used to the tropical weather, it was a shock when we first landed in Atlanta, GA during the winter time.  The coldest that we are used to is 55 degrees.  We are looking to have a profitable time while we are here.  Our goals are to raise more money for our building project and recruit teachers for the bilingual school that we are teaching in.  Please pray for us while we are here.  We leave in May.

One of the requirements of us teaching in the bilingual school is for the liberty to be able to invite kids to our church.  I was teaching 5th grade last year and my worst student was a boy named Edgardo.  I did not think that he was supposed to be in the school.  I invited him to church during the year and he was off and on.  I did not have much faith that he would even continue in church.  His home life is a wreck and this young boy was in need of much needed attention.  Right before I left for the States, I lead him to the Lord and baptized him.  He has changed a lot.  I am very earnestly praying for Edgardo.

While we are in the States, we are trying to raise more money for our building.  Before I left Honduras, I was given $9,000 for the building.  We have enough money to put the rest of the walls up on the auditorium and partial money for the floors.  We need $15,000 more to put up the walls and floor for the bathrooms.  We need $10,000 more for the roof.  We also need money to put in the tile.  In all we still need $40,000 more.  We need the bathrooms in order to move into the building because there are no close bathrooms.  Please pray the building while we are in the States.

Another goal that we have is to recruit teachers for the bilingual school that we are in.  We did not start this school.  This is a private secular bilingual school that we were invited to teach in.  Last year, was our first year teaching there.  It proved to be quite a task teaching there, inviting kids from there, and pastoring a church in a building project.  I know that if we had teachers there to help me reach the school it would be a huge ministry.  This is the most prestigious school in Campamento.  The leaders of the town send their kids to this school.  It is a very important ministry to reach this city.  They are also offering to pay $450 a month to whoever will teach.  This is a perfect opportunity for any single adults.

Please pray for safe travels as we travel all across the United States.  Thank you for your prayers and support.

Your missionary to Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo