Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

God is so good! That is what my feeling has been these past few weeks as I see God working in our church in Campamento. About a year ago, we started to pick up an elderly man who was 89 years old and he was a drunk. He wanted to get his life right and started calling different pastors in the area if they could pick him up for church. Not one pastor wanted to, except for me. Shortly after picking him up, he drank one more time. He confessed to me that he did, but he told me no more. He wanted to get his life right with the Lord.

During the year that he was with us, he did not touch one bottle of alcohol. Last month, he started to become very ill because of the many years of drinking. On his bed, he told his family that he wanted to talk to his pastor. The family asked him if he wanted to talk to “a pastor”. He said, No, I want to talk to the ‘gringo’. They called me, and I immediately arrived. I took some people of the church with me to sing songs and have prayer with him. I would make sporadic visits until his passing away about 3 weeks ago. He had 13 kids and a bunch of grandchildren. There was still quite a few of his family that still lived in Campamento. They are starting to come to our church. His family has treated my family so kind. He accepted Christ as his Savior when he was 35 years old. Many of his family are saved. We comforted them with the promises from God’s word.

There are times when you wonder if all the sacrifice and discomfort is all worth what you are doing then the Lord sends you a family that encourages you. The family, little by little, is coming to our church. Please pray for the new work in Concordia. Last month, my wife and I visited the people to encourage them about the church. There is a church building with church pews, a pulpit, and a small pastoral house. The property even has potable water and electricity. This church has been plagued with pastors that have been unfaithful to their wives and without a pastor for many years. This church has gained a bad reputation. We are now in the re-building process. After visiting, this new work will be a challenging one. There is extreme poverty. Jobs are almost non-existent. The only steady salaries are government paid jobs (teachers, city hall, police, firefighters, etc.) There are no banks there or private entities. A pastor here would probably have to be supported for a while. Through much poverty, the people are excited that someone is showing an interest in them. There is not a whole lot left after many years of Satan’s attacks. We are going one Saturday a month.

A few months ago, we raised money for some needs that we had here. We did not get enough money for our roof, but we were able to put tires on our truck, we paid our truck off, and we bought some things (new preacher Bibles, Strong’s concordances, and backpacks) for our preacher boys. I am going to start teaching them how to preach. In a few years, we want to start a Bible institute. Our young people are so excited for this opportunity. With these young people, we can start more churches where there is a need for a gospel-preaching, New Testament, Baptist church. Also, please pray for the roof on our building. We are in serious need of this church building. This will help facilitate church services and be a sending station to send out pastors and missionaries. This is a worthy investment. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Your missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo

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