Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

I apologize for not sending a prayer letter out last month, but things have been getting very busy and exciting.  First, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us with our two big projects.  Praise the Lord that that we were able to purchase the property for the church.  Another praise is we were able purchase another car.  As many of you know that the motor on our car was burned out.  Our pastor said that it was time to look for another car.  I talked to several missionaries about what kind of car we should get.  They all told me that a new car was best because of the insecurity here.  Were able to put a down payment and pay monthly on our new car.  We already have been putting it to work.  We are able to travel for our monthly groceries and pick people up for church.  We will also able to pick up any visitors that we might get from the airport.  If there is a medical emergency, we don’t have to wonder how we will get to the hospital.  These are things that we take for granted in the States, but are special blessings to us.  Thank you for your help in making this a reality.  Your faithful support is appreciated.

The deadline to the property came down to the wire, but we made it.  We were able to make the payment to the owner the rest of the amount that he needed.  This could not have been done without your sacrificial giving.  Our church in Honduras is committed to giving $1,000 for the construction of the building.  We would like to see it be built this year.  Our first service will be big as the mayor as told me that he would come.  We are going to try and invite our local fire department, our local police department as well as other public servants for our first service.  We are going to be hiring an architect and will find out from him how much everything will cost.  Our people are excited!  I know the Lord is doing great things and am grateful for God’s people being sensitive to His leading.

2014 is turning out to be a great year for us.  We have a new vehicle that was desperately needed and the land that was purchased.  I want you to know that your sacrificial giving is certainly appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed.  Your giving is making a difference in Honduras.  Everywhere I read that Honduras is the murder capital of the world and that it is too dangerous.  Some people I know told us that we shouldn’t go there because of the danger level.  We are in the safest place we can be because we know that we are in the will of God.  Let’s be part of something special this year.  Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Your missionary to Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo