Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

What a start to the New Year!  First, let me tell you about our family conference in Trujillo.  It was amazing to hear some of the stories how the people raised the money to pay their own way.  Some of the people that went had not been faithful to church and had been discouraged.  One teenager named Brayan, who is saved and baptized, had not been coming in over a year.  There were other people that had been discouraged, but went on the trip.  We did have some faithful people that went also.  This was the church’s first family conference.  We invited Evangelist Jonathan Castro to preach during that week.  The Holy Spirit really moved and God touched many lives.  At the last night, the people confirmed their commitment to their pastor and the direction of the church.  Also that night, 10 people surrendered to the Lord.  One story touched my heart.  A young boy named Cristian, who is called to preach, came with his mother to the conference.  When he made the decision to recommit his life to Christ, he started crying because his dad is a drunk.  Cristian is 13 years old and knows that he will have a rough time.  Praise the Lord for his godly mother that is supporting her son!  One member who had been coming since the beginning, confessed he wasn’t tithing and wanted to give himself first with the tithe.  What a conference it was!  The people are already talking about having an annual conference every January in a different place.  God is truly good!

In the month of January, we also baptized two more teenagers in the church.  Please pray that the Lord would give us a youth pastor for our growing youth group.  We are also trying to start a youth choir, but the teenagers do not know how to read music at all.  I am starting a class to teach them the very basics of music.  Music is not my talent, but I believe the Lord will give me the grace to help these teenagers.

Please pray for the decisions that were made at the family conference.  Pray also for the financial part of it.  The people raised $250 and each paid their way, which is about $35.  We had to take a loan of $2,000 to pay for the extra costs.  We have raised $350 of it.  As I look back, it was a sacrifice well worth it.  This was the first time the people experienced anything like this and they came back with a bigger heart for God.  If you can pray about having a part to help us financially.  The work has definitely been strengthened.

Please pray for our building project.  I had previously said that we wanted to start in February, but I am not sure the weather will cooperate.  We may have to start in March.  That will definitely be when the dry season will start.  I want to get the foundation started before the ground gets too dry.  The foundation will cost about $10,000.  Please pray for our $1/cinder block campaign.  Some of the money of the cinder block will goes towards construction also.  I praise the Lord for these exciting times.  People are already making plans to be married in the church and I can just envision more weddings.  I already have the first service planned.  The mayor has already said that he would attend that service.  This will be the most important building constructed in Campamento.  I can also envision training young men and women in that building for the ministry and sending them out to places that have not heard the gospel.  We have about $2,100 to start, but are asking the Lord, by faith, to supply the rest of the funds.  Please pray for any groups to come down to help us with the construction.  If you would like to plan a missions trip to help, please don’t hesitate to let me know.  I appreciate everyone one of for standing behind us and praying for us.  Your sacrifice is truly appreciated.

Your missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo