Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Urgently pray for Honduras! Honduras held their elections on November 27, 2017. It is very complicated to explain the entire problem with the elections, but there was political unrest because of it. It was between two main candidates, Juan Orlando (National Party) and Salvador Nasralla (Opposition Alliance against the Dictatorship). There was no morally right candidate. There was some confusion with the vote counting. This is what fueled a lot of the unrest. It was looking like Juan Orlando won, but Nasralla wouldn’t give up. He would call a lot of people to protest in the streets. The protests were not peaceful. They would block streets with burnt tires and throw rocks to anyone that tried to cross. The trucks would not be able to deliver their products to the businesses. There was mass looting from major department stores, breaking into banks, and curfews. The price of gas rose, as well as, basic food (eggs, bread, etc.). The current president, Juan Orlando, tried to crack down on these protests. The military police would throw tear gas inside the homes and enter to try arrest and intimidate some of the protesters. There were over 30 deaths in total because of this political crisis. This happened for the majority of December. This is how we spent our Christmas.

I struggled to know what to do. My options were: return to the States and wait it out or stay if I could to see what happens. 4 days before Christmas, Nasralla gave up. This returned peace to Honduras and we were able to have a peaceful Christmas.

Honduras is planning to inaugurate Juan Orlando for another term on January 27, 2018. Please pray for this date. Nasralla is now saying that he is not going to give up and that he will accept the presidency instead of Juan Orlando. Honduras is one country and cannot have two presidents. He said that he is planning something big on inauguration day.

Through all this chaos that happened in the country, the Lord is using this time to wake people up. A teacher was saved through this time. She said that in past times, she used to be very politically involved until this year. Her name is Sonja. We have a lady in our church that was very politically involved until this year. I have told our people to not put your trust in men, only the Lord. I am trying to keep our people thinking spiritually right.

Please pray for the new work that we are starting in Concordia. We had another service on December 30, 2017. I am trying to bring in more kids and teenagers. We had about 15 kids that showed up and 5 teenagers. This is how you start a church in Olancho with kids and teenagers.

Please pray for God’s will for Honduras and for the direction of the country. Please pray that the Lord would continue to use us for His glory to turn their hearts to the Lord. Your prayers mean more now than ever.

Your missionary to Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo

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