Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

This is a very urgent prayer letter. A few months back money was given for our building project and it was used to pay for the preliminaries of the project. In May, $3,000 was given to start on it. We decided by faith to start on the project. We have done all that we can with $3,000 and now we need your help. We have bought all the materials necessary and put in the channels. We need more money to continue. With this prayer letter, I have sent pictures to show you what is happening. All the materials are sitting there. We cannot do anything with those materials because there is no money to pay workers. A lot of the channels are being ruined because it is just sitting there. The longer that it sits there the more money that it is going to cost to fix it. The mayor and vice mayor will on occasion ask me how the building project is progressing. I have to tell them that right now we are stopped because there is no money. This is the biggest project in the town right now. Everyone is watching and waiting to see what is going to happen next.

Please pray next month for our 5th year anniversary. My sending church will be coming to Honduras to help us celebrate. Our pastor, Bud Silva, will be coming as well. We are excited to show our home church what God has been doing and what he will do. God has done some amazing things in 5 years. We have started a building project, a bus route, we are teaching in a local bilingual school, and our church is running about 70-80 people. We have no more room in the current building that we are meeting in, even though we try to make room.

We are still teaching at the bilingual school in Campamento and it has been a tremendous door that has opened. There are no other Americans actively evangelizing in the town, only us. We would love to have more Americans here teaching at the school with us. Any Americans that come would have a great impact on this town. Teaching English is one needy area that the school has and also music. There is no one that teaches music in this entire town. Even educated people do not know how to read music. Campamento is a blank page that is in need of good, biblical teaching. We would be setting the direction for the entire town. The school would also pay a salary, if needed. We do have wireless internet, so if anyone wanted to keep working part-time or study through the internet, they can.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Your missionaries in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo