Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

We need your help!  We are asking each of our supporting churches for a $300 love offering to help us with many needs that we have currently.  If each church were to give $300 we would be able to cover these needs.  This is a list of them:

  1. Our truck. Our truck has been a huge blessing.  Our prior truck would not have been able to do what our current one can do.  We live in a very muddy place when it rains.  It has gotten us through mud, floods, rivers, and hospital trips.  It is very crucial to the ministry here.  It was also a miracle how we could purchase it via a payment plan.  We are at the end of that commitment and would like to pay it off. The love offering would allow us to do that.
  2. Our building and roof. It has been a little under a year since we have done any construction on the building.  With your love offering we would be able to put the roof on our church building.  This will not be the end of the building project, but this will get us closer to finishing it.  I know some of the people are getting a little wary.  Our roof costs $5,000 to put it on. The love offering would cover this need. New people are coming to the church and more people need to be trained.  I am really excited about our youth group.  It has been growing.  We are still meeting in our garage.  We are training two Sunday School teachers.  We have one children’s church right now.  We are thinking about splitting it up into two.  Our house is not big enough to do that, but it needs to be done.  We also need the building for our Bible institute that we are going to start in two years.  Right now, I have five teenage guys that I am preparing.  Every Saturday at 9 am, I am teaching them doctrine, philosophy, and ministry.  They are still in high school and I am trying to get them ready.  We would need the building for our Bible institute also.  The cost of the building without the roof is $20,000.  The love offering would not cover this need.
  3. Our preacher boys. As I stated above, we are trying to prepare 5 guys for our Bible institute that we are going to start in two years.  Right now, there are things that they need to help prepare them.  They need a backpack, Strong’s Concordance, dress shirts, ties, dress shoes, dress socks, and a new Bible.  We also have some young ladies that we will prepare also.  The love offering would cover this.
  4. Because of the humidity, our hymnals have been getting worn.  We believe in singing the old hymns as well as new songs.  We can purchase all of this in Honduras.  The love offering would cover this.

Please pray for these needs.  A $300 love offering would cover all this.  There are more needs that the love offering would cover, but there is not room to cover them all.

Your missionary to Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo

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