Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Things are getting exciting! First, I want to update everyone on our building. Since last year, money has been trickling in to put our roof on. Two years ago, I was quoted a price of $5,000 (materials and labor) to put on our roof. It has been my understanding that metal has gone up in two years. I took a day to get quotes on the materials for our roof. The best that I could find is $7,000, just for materials. The hardware store told me that if we put half down right now then the materials can be shipped and arrive in Honduras on July 20th. To receive them, we would need to put the other half down. With the sacrifice of many people in the States, we were able to put half down. This would also stop the price from rising. We also got a signed contract stating that the price would not rise. This is good news. If we don’t have the money ($3,000) by the 20th, then they would just store it until we can get the money. We are so close to now getting our roof on. Once we get it, we are on track to meeting in our building before our scheduled furlough in two years.

We have been under-supported for quite some time now. This has hindered us from doing more things for the Lord. The Lord gave me a peace that I just need to serve him. An excellent door has opened to get the gospel to even more people. I asked the owner of a local TV station if he would let us have a program on his station. He agreed to it and told me that we have complete liberty to say whatever we want to say. I did not hesitate, and I said yes. He told me that we can reach 25,000 people. After my first show, I see how the Lord can use this program in a tremendous way. I am on every Thursday from 12 pm-1pm MST. He is working on getting this program on Facebook Live. He said the thing that is stopping him is faster internet.

Since our show first aired, I have had people tell me that they are watching it. We have been getting a positive reaction to what I have been teaching. People want to hear the truth. My wife was talking to the vice mayor and my show was brought up. She said that she liked how I taught, very direct. My wife continued talking with her and the topic of illegal immigration was brought up. They talked about how illegal immigration is destroying families in Honduras. It separates them. She asked my wife if she would like to teach a class every week to the single mothers, particularly the mothers who were abandoned by the fathers of their kids because of illegal immigration. The Lord keeps opening more doors for us to have more influence in Honduras and preaching the gospel to the multitudes.

I am thankful for all our supporting churches and for the sacrifice that each one makes. I am thankful especially to our faithful supporting churches that continue to partner with us to getting the gospel to needy areas. I am asking if each of our faithful supporting churches can increase our support. One church has already done this. The program that I have now costs $70 more a month. I do not have the money. We want to start the church in Concordia this Fall, but the funds are not there. We also need a love offering from each church to help cover costs for the sake of the gospel. We cannot worry about money anymore. We must go forward!

Your missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo