Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

May was quite a month!  We are happy to announce a new addition to the family, Anabel Sophia Jacobo.  She was born on May 15, 2014 and weighed 8 pounds. Baby and mother are doing fine.    Due to this birth, my in-laws came for 2 weeks to visit.  Four years ago, my father-in-law visited us in Honduras before we started the church in Campamento.  He was flabbergasted to see what the Lord has done in 4 years.  He also was able to see the land that we purchased.  My wife and I looked back at pictures from the past 4 years and can truly say that the Lord did it.  Just before their visit and the birth of Anabel, we celebrated Mother’s Day.  We had 88 in attendance in the little space that we are renting.  I believe that the Lord is preparing the church for the future building.  During my in-laws visit, we took up our very first Faith Promise commitments.  I was astounded at how much came in via commitments to support missions. The church committed enough to support two missionaries.  It is miraculous to see that a little third world church getting a vision to reach the world.  I believe the Lord has something special planned for Iglesia Bautista Mahanaim.

It was encouraging to see two older women accept Christ as their Savior.  Lilian and Felicita are both over 50 and have grandchildren of their own.  It was special to see a smile on both of their faces after they accepted Christ.  I will never get over the joy of seeing people come to know Christ.  They each have been bringing their children and grandchildren to church.

Please continue to pray for our building project.  The church in Campamento is committed to raising at least $1,000 by our 4th year anniversary, August 31, 2014.  We have been averaging 60 in attendance each Sunday.  It is always sad to see people leave because there is no room for them to sit.  In our town, there is no location that would have adequate space for us to rent.  The only option is to build a building for our growing church.  Please pray what the Lord would have you do with this exciting mission’s project.  The amount needed is $50,000.  We are hoping that the people would be able to provide free labor to keep costs low.  It has been exciting to see the people are bringing in visitors.  The people do not have a lot of money, but they continue to amaze me when they give to the Lord.  Please prayerfully consider sending a group to help us build.

An amazing opportunity has arisen.  When I first came to Campamento, I noticed that there was very little American influence so I decided to start an English class.  I was never able to put the time into it as I would have liked, but it has so much potential.  People are constantly coming up to me asking if I am going to start the English class again.  Unfortunately, I am not able to start it again because of the other responsibilities.  Please pray that the Lord would provide someone from the States to teach English full time.  This is a wonderful tool to reach more people for the Lord.  It is not necessary to have a teaching degree, just a heart to reach people.  Please contact me via e-mail for any further questions.  Thank you for faithful prayers and support.

Your missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo