Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Praise the Lord that we made it safely to Honduras!  Ever since we came back, we have hit the ground running.  There is just so much to do.  The work is getting bigger and people are becoming more curious about what we are doing.

I am extremely thankful that enough money was given to start on the building again.  The money that was given is going to do a lot.  We need about $20,000 more in order to finish construction on the auditorium and the bathrooms.  We still need to do that classrooms, but we can meet in unfinished buildings in Honduras.  If we get the auditorium and bathrooms done then we can at least move everyone out of our garage and onto the new property.  If we get $20,000, we can be finished by January or February.  We need money so we can keep working.  When we are done with the auditorium and the bathrooms, we are planning on a big service.  We are going to invite the mayor, the vice mayor, the fire chief, other community leaders, and the two diputados for our department.  This building is a big deal over here.  Please pray that we get the money to continue and that we can be done by January or February.

I am back teaching in the bilingual school and I brought one person to teach with me.  The school took my advice and is teaching the curriculum Abeka.  I am thankful for the Christian influence that this has in the school and to get the gospel out.  The brother that came with us to teach in the school has taken on his class as his ministry.  He is working on witnessing to his class and bringing them to church.  Where there are no Americans, it certainly helps to have someone else here and experience everything that the Lord is doing here.  He will be teaching several people in the church how to play instruments.  Music is one thing that is severely lacking.  As he is teaching in his class, other teachers are watching him out of curiosity.  There is no one else that is teaching music like he is.

Please pray for another opportunity that is presenting itself.  Because we are involved in the bilingual school, there is an interest for an English Bible study.  With the teacher here from the States and other Hondurans that speak English, it looks very possible.  I am working on getting this done.  This might even lead to us starting an English only service in Campamento, Honduras.

Please pray that the Lord will keep working and opening doors.  Thank you for your prayers and support.

Your missionary to Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo