Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Emergency update! I was invited to teach at a private, secular, bilingual school in Campamento. This school is the most prestigious in town. The principal of the school has said that if I teach at the school, I would have complete liberty to invite children to our church. I immediately said, “Yes!” We have had several of my students attend the church. They are also asking for American teachers. According to Honduran law, they can only start one grade a year. They have been around for five years. Next school year they will start 6th grade. They want to go up until high school. They are looking for an American system to implement. They would be willing to pay the teachers so they wouldn’t have to raise a lot of support if any.

I have been having unbelievable success teaching at the school. Teachers are highly respected in Latin America. People that I do not know have been congratulating me while I am walking in town. I did not know this, but they have announced to the town on the local news station that I am teaching there. We had a parent-teacher meeting a few weeks ago, and presented the idea of bringing teachers from the States. The parents were thrilled! The teachers would have 100% support from the parents. The parents are the community leaders with respectable jobs. They would look at the American teachers as the saviors of the town. It is that big!

This is an opportunity that would affect generations to come. When I am knocking on doors and inviting people to church, I usually talk to the nanny or the grandma and tell me that they will pass the invitation along to the people that live there when they get home from work. When I visit a house as their child’s teacher, the nanny or the grandma will tell me to sit down and they will call the mom. The mom drops everything to come and talk to me. God has truly opened a great door. If anyone that you know would be interested in teaching English in Campamento, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ever since we got back in January from our family conference in Trujillo, the ministry has changed for the better. Our church has grown, because the people have become motivated to invite more people. The members have expressed their concerns about the little space that we have to grow. The past couple of weeks, we have been averaging about 48 children a week and 35 in the adult service. The majority of the adult service are teenagers and the youth group is still growing. We usually have on children’s service, but we have to have two children’s services now. My heart has become overwhelmed to see how the people are united and seeing the Lord bless.

Our landlord is starting to give us problems and we really need to get out of the place that we are in and onto the property that is bought and paid for. We need at least $10,000 to at least build the foundation, then we can make a temporal roof and start having services on our own property. We would also have room for the two children services. Please pray for needed help. Please, seriously, pray for our building situation. We need to move onto our property this year. I praise the Lord for the churches that have given, but we are in need of more money. Just in the few weeks, we have been experiencing revival. For anybody that is considering taking on a missions project, this is a very worthy project that would advance the cause of Christ. Thank you for your sacrificial giving and prayers.

Your missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo