Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

It has been good being back in the States and meeting new friends, as well as, old ones. We are thankful for the ones that have sacrificially given to our building project, but are still short of our completion. We have money on hand to continue when we get back, but are still depending on the Lord to provide for this building. So far we have one young man that is going to teach in the bilingual school. The next school year will start February and if you know of anyone that is thinking about teaching on the mission field, please let us know. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time on the mission field and be a huge blessing to people that are crying for help. The church is doing well also. On our Friend Day in February, two young teenagers of the church in Campamento brought 24 visitors to church. These two young men are also called to preach. Their names are Cristian and Jairon. Please pray for them that they would both continue to grow in the Lord. There is also a man in the church that brought two men to church and then they got saved. He sent me a message saying that he is so happy and he can see that the Lord used him to make a difference in someone else’s life. These are good reports to hear from Honduras while we are in the States.

I want to take this opportunity to encourage anyone who is reading this letter about consider being a missionary to the department of Olancho in Honduras. I have a huge burden for the area. Land size, it is bigger than the country of El Salvador. There are about 500,000 people and we are the only independent, Baptist work (Honduran or American) in this entire department. We are in an area of 40,000 people. We are the only Americans in our area. Many people think that Latin America has been evangelized, but there are still some parts that do not have the gospel. I don’t know anyone that is even talking about starting churches in this area. Juticalpa, the capital of Olancho, has about 150,000 people. There is no one there. Catacamas, 30 minutes from Juticalpa, has about 200,000 people and there is no one there. There are also countless towns that do not have a good, gospel-witness. I have been visiting many cities in the States and some of them are riddled with Baptist churches. Here is an area that is crying out for someone to help them. We need help with the area. There is about a small mountain town about an hour south of us that has told me personally that they want a church. We are so busy with what we are doing, that we literally do not have the resources nor time to help. We know of a town, about 30 minutes from us, that has land and a building, but no one wants to go there. They are asking for help. Our church is still young and we do not have anyone prepared to take this work over. We need more laborers.

Latin America has not been evangelized, not even close. We need more people to be sensitive to the Lord’s leading and answer the call to a lost and dying world. Would you consider being a missionary to this needy area?

Missionary to Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo