Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

What a blessing it is to serve the King of kings and Lord of lords! At our last youth service, I was watching five young, faithful, teenage young men fellowshipping with each other. They were joking and messing around. As I was watching them, I noticed that they are going to be graduating from high school in two years. This coming August, we will be celebrating seven years in Campamento, Honduras. We now will be having five exceptional young men that we can start our Bible institute with. This has been a lot of work. When we first came to Campamento, we had no men that came. Adult men refused to come, they thought it was enough that they sent the women that they lived with. I decided to disciple young boys and teach them the things of the Lord. Our work is coming to completion. We are now preparing a Bible institute for these young men. We also have some exceptional young ladies that are coming up. They have a few more years.

We need to finish our building to start the Bible institute. We are lacking $3,500 to be able to complete the roof. We also lack an additional $25,000 to finally complete the auditorium and the two bathrooms. We want to put in an additional six classrooms for Sunday School space and our Bible institute. Our young men are watching everything that is going on, and they are excited. The second need that we have are startup costs. They will need to buy shirt and ties, Strong’s concordances, new Bibles, backpacks for each of the guys, bicycles for each of the guys, and any used laptops that people can donate. I plan for them to rent a house and turn it into a dorm. They will be able to pay tuition and pay for their studies. These are certainly exciting times!

We are in the department of Olancho. Olancho is the largest department in Honduras and it has been unreached. Missionaries have avoided coming to this part of Honduras. We have the only independent Baptist church in the entire department. I have driven through town after town in Olancho and it just breaks my heart to see no gospel witness. Olancho has an estimated population of 500,000 people and is probably one of the more spiritually neediest places in Central America. We have a real opportunity to make a huge impact in a part of the world that is crying out for help. Campamento can be the center of sending out young men with a heart for the Lord.

We need help! I need two families to come and help us. We will need help with the youth group and with the Bible institute. We will also need another family to help us with starting a Christian bilingual school. After being here for almost seven years, this is a real need where we can have a real impact. We also need help in music. We have two young men that are learning the trumpet and my daughter is learning the piano. We need someone to continue with them and teach others. The people have been noticing that our music is different. If you know anyone that would be interested in joining our team and make a real impact for Christ, please contact us. Any couples that have just finished Bible college and is interested in missions, please contact us. We have been sowing and sowing all these years, we will soon be seeing all the rewards. We need your help!

Missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo