Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

This letter is a continuation from last month, detailing what is happening here in Honduras. In March, we took some teens with our family to scout an area for a camp. Praise the Lord, we found a place. We are making preparation to host an annual family camp next year. I am really looking forward to this because I made several life-changing decisions at camp. This will be a good way for our people to get away from the influence of the world and be around a spiritual environment. Our camp is going to be in April 2019. There are various one-time expenses that we need to make. There is someone from our church that owns a piece of land. We are thankful for God’s provision of a place to hold camp. However, we do need money to buy more tents, raft, portable speaker, electric generator, etc. This is a very worthy investment in the lives of the people.

I am sure many of you have been watching the news about the caravans from Central America. I can only tell you that the problem is only going to get worse. We counsel the people to stay in Honduras and trust the Lord. We teach them that going to the States illegally does not glorify the Lord. While yes, we know of a few cases of people going to the states illegally, we have counseled the family that what they did was wrong. This is the reason for the church building we are trying to construct. It will increase people’s faith. We will have more space, as well as, train young people for the gospel ministry. We need your help! Many people complain about illegal immigration but now is your chance to make a meaningful impact in the lives of these people. In our area, we have a high concentration of people that leave for the States illegally. The people need the Lord and they need to see the love of God. Please prayerfully consider helping us to build the building.

The other day, I wanted to check and see where our support level was at. I took the average of our support from last year. According to last year’s support level, we are at 69%. Giving to Faith Promise is an important part of evangelizing the world. We are two years away from our next furlough. The longer we stay here, the more needs the ministry has. It always saddens my heart when I get a call to inform us that we are being dropped. My college president would often quote from the Bible verse, “Mine eye affecteth mine heart….” God’s people are constantly being bombarded with advertisements. That is what people see every day. Many people think that they have to have this and that. With technology advancing, it becomes more of a temptation to buy the latest and greatest thing. Materialism is the enemy of missions giving. This is the reason why it is important to take annual missions trips. If you see the mission field, then it will affect you. Some avoid the mission field to avoid the harsh reality of life outside the States. They don’t want to be affected. Your faith is needed now more then ever. If we were at 100%, there is so much that we can do for the work of the Lord. Sometimes you can become “weary in well doing”, but don’t quit. I believe illegal immigration is not a political issue, but a spiritual one. We are reaching the Honduran people and trying to expand His kingdom. Would you please consider taking a missions trip to visit us? We are thankful for each and everyone of you. Everything that we are doing is fruit that is abounds to your account. Most of all, we covet your prayers daily.

Your missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo

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