Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

This is a special prayer letter that I am sending on behalf of a young girl that needs your help. When my wife broke her foot, we looked for a teenager in the church that could possibly stay with us to help my wife until she could walk. We asked a young, Honduran girl named Rixie. As she stayed with us, we started asking her some questions about her home life. Rixie has an older sister that’s named Ligia. Rixie told us that their mother found another guy to live with them. Rixie continued to tell us that this guy abused her older sister. There were no details given, only that he abused Ligia. The mother followed him to live with in a small, mountain community. In the town, there is no running water or electricity. Both of the sisters have no idea where the mother is or if she will ever come back. Once in a great while, the mother will call. We started praying about the possibility of Rixie living with us. The sister has 3 small children and is not prepared to raise a teenager. We prayed and explored the possibilities. It seems the Lord has been directing our steps to help this young, teenage, Honduran girl. She is 14 yrs. old and will turn 15 on October 7. She is a sweet girl that wants to serve the Lord. Rixie never sought us out, but we, as a couple, decided that this is what the Lord would want us to do.

We are looking for 30 people to give $20 a month to a young girl in a 3rd world country that wants to serve Him. With the monthly giving you can help her buy clothes that she desperately needs, fix her teeth (she has ten cavities 3 teeth need to get pulled because they cannot be saved), get doctor check-ups, and give her a decent education (she only has a 5th grade education). We want to teach her that living for the Lord is the most rewarding life that one can experience. She has been living with us for about 2 weeks now and she is loving it. She doesn’t have much, but she is one of the most well-behaved teens in the church. She is very deserving of your support. Anyone who decides to give to her, I will need your e-mail address and your cell phone number. I will give monthly updates about her and a yearly picture. You can send any checks to our mission board, BIMI. Make the check out to BIMI and in the memo section put “Daniel Jacobo-Rixie”.

We are praying that this would open a door to start a children’s home. Her story broke our hearts. There are many more children like Rixie’s in Honduras. I believe the Lord can use a home like this. This could be a safe refuge for many children and raise them to honor and glorify the Lord. This would be a wonderful way also to show compassion to kids with absolutely no hope in their present condition.

Your missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo