Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

We have a big announcement! We will be adding another little one to our family. We are so excited that has God has entrusted us with raising another child.

November is proving to be a difficult month for us. The money for the property has been coming in. We have only $9,900 left until our property is all paid off. We have until November 18 to pay the rest of it off. We praise the Lord for what He is doing.

There is another crucial need that we have. Our car has finally died. It was our only vehicle for personal use and ministry use. We would use our vehicle to drive two hours once a month for groceries and use it as our “bus” for the church. Now that we have no vehicle it is extremely difficult to pick people up, buy our monthly groceries, and to do necessary errands. We are still trying to change our residency status, but that is more difficult because we cannot drive to Tegucigalpa. I am mostly concerned for my wife who is expecting.

I understand this is very burdensome to you as our supporting churches. Please do not be discouraged. We are prepared to do whatever is necessary. If we need to live without a car then that is what we will have to do. I praise the Lord for a godly wife who supports me in that decision. The property for the church is more important because we put $5,000 on it so far and are in the process to pay the rest of it off. I don’t think the owner is willing to wait longer to receive his money. I realize the timing is really bad and do not want to burden you, but if you could pray for a truck. It would be extremely helpful to once again help advance the cause of Christ further. Our family is committed to our Lord’s calling. If the Lord is burdening your heart to help with a truck, please contact me first. I do not believe there is such a thing as a small gift. Every gift is important and helps to further the cause of Christ. Just so you can understand our situation a little, we are two hours away from the nearest hospital and grocery store. We are one hour away from Abigail’s doctor. We are also in the process of changing our residency status which is two hours away. This is a genuine and extremely important need.

Thank you for reading this important prayer letter. We only have $9,900 left to finish off our property. We need the money by November 18, 2013. We are almost done. Thank you for all you do for the cause of Christ and for your faithful prayers and support.

Your missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo