Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

God is great!  We have been praying that the Lord would continue to send the finances needed to continue on our building project.  In the month of November, I got a call from someone that wanted to give $10,000 to our building project.  This was much needed money.  We are going to leave for the States on furlough January 19, 2016.  We have spent about $20,000 so far for the auditorium and the bathrooms.  We need $30,000 more to finish them.  We will be able to meet in the auditorium once it is complete.  The next project will be the classrooms for Sunday school and the kitchen.  When this project is completely done, up to 500 people will be able to fit, maybe 600.  This building will last us a great while to fill it.  I tell the people that this building is only the beginning, not the end.  There is so much that I still want to do while we are in Honduras.  Please consider what you can do to help with this needy project.

I have stood in the middle of this great project and I can only imagine of the souls that will be saved, people baptized and Christians discipled in this building.  I can only imagine of the preachers that will be trained and sent out like a mighty army.  This building is the biggest project in Campamento and people are getting curious.  Your liberal giving is having a great effect on this area.

This is an area that is not accustomed to American influence.  Their vision is very limited and cannot fathom the need of a building like this one.  Our church people are starting to catch the vision also.   They are seeing how God is doing the impossible.  We are the only independent Baptist missionaries in Olancho (500,000 people), but soon we will inundate it with scores of churches of like faith and practice.  Towns that didn’t have a gospel preaching church will have one.  This is fruit that abounds to your account.  You are seeing the start of something great, and it overwhelms my heart to see that there are people that believe the message of the gospel still works today.  I cannot begin to thank you enough to those of you that have been involved in this project and for others to pray how you can be involved.

Since coming to Campamento, the Lord has blessed us with a youth group.  We are seeing the children that have grown up in our ministry turn into teenagers.  We have two that are called to preach.  The Lord has also been blessing us with new teenagers.  Soon the teenagers will become adults.  Please pray for us as we counsel them on how to continue serving God.  In order to reach the world for Christ, we must reach the next generation.

Your missionary in Honduras,

Daniel Jacobo