Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving! We are certainly thankful for everything that the Lord has allowed us to do in Honduras and for what He will do.  My family and I want to thank you for investing in our lives and the ministry that the Lord is doing here in Honduras.  Without your sacrificial and faithful giving, we would not be able to do what we are doing.

I recently sat down with a national pastor that has the deed for a church building in a town called Concordia, which is 30 minutes away from us.  This town is in the same department (state) as we are.  It is still my desire to train people to start churches in Olancho.  Right now, we are the only independent Baptist church in Olancho.  Concordia will be the second.  The former pastor of that church left years ago, due to adultery.  Just a few group of women have been meeting there while most of the church left.  The national pastor introduced me to the people and announced that I would be helping to re-start the church.  The church’s name is Iglesia Bautista Filadelfia.  Starting in November, we will be conducting services the last Saturday of each month in this work.  We plan to continue having services until we can find a pastor for this work.

Right now, we are planning to start a Bible institute in 2 years for our young men and women that we have.  We still need your help for this.  It seems the Lord is blessing with young people with a heart and passion for Him.  Our young ladies are getting on fire and are coming faithfully to more services.  It is certainly an exciting time to be a part of this ministry.

We currently in an annual discipleship course that we have for our new converts.  For some reason, this year feels different.  Our students have really been studying and paying attention to the material.  Some of them are even feeling some persecution from family members.  As a pastor, it overwhelms my heart, seeing them standing up for the Word of God.  It also brings me great sadness because it is family.  From experience, I know how hard it can be to stand up to family for the Word of God’s sake.

Please pray for our people.  They are under attack from family members and friends about the church they chose to attend.  Campamento is a small town that is filled with Pentecostal churches.  We don’t have fellowship with any of them, but most of them fellowship with each other.  The pastors of these other churches are attacking our church through their pulpits.  There are a lot of details that I cannot explain in just one letter, but please pray that the people will stay firm.  Even our new people are being attacked.  We will not change my position.  We will stand firm on the Word of God.  Please pray for us and our people as we continue to preach the gospel in our Jerusalem.

Missionary to Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo

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