Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Our anniversary was a success!  We didn’t reach our goal of 100, but we were just 5 people shy of it.  It was amazing to see all of the people involved to help reach our goal.  I remember when we first started the church, my wife and I did all the work.  Now, it is a shared responsibility.  It helped the people to see what they can accomplish working together.

Pray for my trip to the States in October 2014.  I will be returning for just a 3 week visit to raise money for our building.  In the midst of so much chaos in Central America, we have a group that has resisted this world’s system and want to serve the Lord in their own country.  We have visited other churches in Honduras, and have been encouraged to see other Christians with the same vision.  We have also made a video presentation that I will showing to the churches in the States.  You can find this video on Youtube and anyone can see.  Pastor, if you would show this video to your church so they can pray for our building project.  We already have property in our name, we have plans that an architect drew up for us, and lastly we have the people that are waiting on the Lord.  I know that I will not able to visit all of our supporting churches during my 3 week visit, but could you show it to your church.  The message is pretty self-explanatory.  There is a strong possibility that we will be having a medical brigade in January 2016.  The person in charge of the brigade said that he didn’t want to do one if there wasn’t adequate space for visitors in the church building.  This brigade has the potential to reach many more people.  Since our purpose is to reach people, I didn’t want to let this opportunity pass.  I told him, by faith, that we will have the building.  I believe there is a real battle for the souls of the Latin people.  When you go to Youtube can you can type “Honduran Missions Project” or go to our website  We want to start construction on the building February 2015.  Our goal is to raise $50,000.  This is not the entire amount for the building.  $50,000 will give us the foundation, the roof, the auditorium, and two bathrooms.  This will not include any paint or tile for the floors.  The people will put those things in it.  People are already donating towards giving cinder blocks.  I know the Lord will bless when everyone is participating.  Please pray what you can do to help the Honduran people to dream something other than the “American Dream”.

Please pray for a particular person that I have been working on for a while.  His name is Nelson and he is a doctor.  I led him to the Lord last year and a couple months later he was baptized.  I just recently found out that he has a live in girlfriend and she is expecting.  I recently led her to the Lord.  They seem like they are willing to get married, but they need someone to help get them going the right direction.  His girlfriend’s name is Maira and she is 3 months along.  Lord willing, this will be our first marriage in our church.  Hopefully that we can have our building up in time to celebrate this great milestone in our church.  People do not get married often in Latin America.  If you meet a married couple, it is very rare.  Please pray that Nelson and Maira will continue to grow in the Lord.

Missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo