Dear Pastor and praying friends,

We are growing!  Ever since my sending church visited us in August, the ministry has been growing more.  They were a real encouragement to us.  However, space has been getting limited.  We are now meeting at my house because it is the biggest area we have right now.  We are also using someone else’s garage for the kids.  We are waiting and praying for our building to be completed.  Now, my garage is starting to get small.  We are trying to work with what we have.  Right now we need $7,500 for the next phase in our building.  That would pay for the walls to go up for our auditorium.  I am so proud of the attitude of our people because we kept changing meeting places until now.  I remind them that this is only temporary. We are also reminded that the church is not the building, but the people.

In September, I reminded started our discipleship program.  Praise the Lord for a good response.  We have been having at least 17 show faithfully every Friday.  This is something that I plan on doing every year with the new people in the church.  I have noticed that our church has been strengthened because of it.  Please pray for 3 young men that have been attending our discipleship class: Delmer, Dani, and Jose.  Delmer started a pizzeria, the only one in town, and has been growing.  He was saved and baptized in our church.  He feels the desire to serve Him more.  Dani is Delmer’s partner in the pizzeria.  Dani just got out of a bad relationship and two kids from it.  He also has been growing in the Lord.  Jose has been running from the Lord and now is on fire.  Delmer and Jose both speak English and are a huge help to me.  Delmer has one kid out of a bad relationship.  Jose has no kids.  Please pray that the Lord would continue to use the discipleship class and that these three men would continue to grow in the Lord.

Thank you for your prayers for my wife.  She went 5 weeks without walking.  The doctor took the cast off and now is not with crutches.  She had a walking boot for about 1 ½ week.  One big praise is that there are no more doctor visits.  Every time we had a visit, we had to drive 2 hours one way and 2 hours back. The doctor did say that my wife would not walk normally until about 3-4 months.  My wife cannot run and cannot overdo it.  She is able to walk, but then it starts to hurt.  The break was the worst that the doctor has ever seen.  I appreciate everything that she does around the house, in ministry, and the kids.  A huge hole was created when she couldn’t walk at all.  Slowly, but surely things are starting to get back to normal.

Thank you for all your prayers and support!  Remember to please keep praying for our building project as we are in serious need of space.  I praise the Lord that there is still a remnant of people in the world that want to hear the gospel.  Missions still works!

Your missionary to Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo