Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

In August, the church celebrated its 6th year anniversary.  We had 91 in attendance.  We had many visitors and also saw some old faces that used to come to the church.  After the anniversary, I couldn’t help, but notice how the dynamic of the church is changing.  We are starting to get a lot more teenagers and single young adults.  This is good for the future of the church and for sending more young people as pastors, missionaries, and church ministry leaders.  In the next two years, we will be having teenagers graduate in two years and every year after that.  We are currently reaching young teenagers as well.  We do have adults in our church, but most of the church are teenagers and young adults.  We are actively reaching the next generation.  Just recently, a teenager told me that he respects me more than he does his own father.  My wife has also been mentoring several teenage girls as well.

Reaching the next generation is key to any mission field.  Trying to reach people in a different culture can be difficult.  I am always learning about new customs the people have.  Sometimes the people just can’t accept something, because it is not what they are used to.  Some people think that I don’t understand because I am not a Honduran, but in reality it is a lack of Bible knowledge on their part.  By reaching the people when they are young, I am able to teach them Christ from a young age and avoid all the sinful customs that they have.

Will you help us reach the next generation?  We desperately need this building completed.  We are all done with the walls.  The next step is the roof ($5,000), next is getting the walls finished so we can paint them ($5,000), we need to put in the flooring with all the tubes ($4,000), we need to put in the electricity ($1,000), we need a septic tank because the city sewage is not really dependable ($3,500), we need to put in all doors and windows ($6,000), we need to have 6 toilets and 2 urinals ($2,000), we need a platform ($5,000), and last of all we need your prayers.  Because of the fluctuation of the dollar, the longer we wait, the more expensive things get.  Everything that we are teaching and doing in Campamento, is stuff that they have heard and done for the first time.  There are no Americans to fellowship with.  We are teaching, literally, from the ground up.  Campamento can be a sending station into all of Latin America.  I brought an intern from the States that is here for a year, and he is teaching one of our teenagers how to play a trumpet.  Our teenager is the only person in the entire area that can play an instrument.

Here are the ways that you can help. 1) Pray. 2) Help to start jobs.  The people literally have no idea how to have a successful business or how to be successful in life.  I would love to teach the teenagers in our church how to succeed God’s way.  Once we start the first business, it will help pay for others to start.  I will also show how to tithe and manage God’s money.  3) Start a Bible institute.  I am actively looking at starting one, as it is needed.  We are still a couple of years away before the first one graduates, but I want to be prepared and see Honduras come to Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and support!
Daniel Jacobo