Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Thank you to everyone that participated in the $300 love offering to help us with expenses as we serve the Lord in Honduras. It has been a huge help, but not everyone gave. We still need help! This love offering will cover a lot of areas in our ministry as we strive to reach the Honduran people. There is still time to give. There is a lot of help that we need.

I remember the excitement that I had when I started deputation. I was going to start churches in Honduras where there were none. This dream is becoming a reality. The burden to start churches remains the same. I recently took a trip through Olancho, a department in Honduras, and visited the many different towns. It was a very sobering and exciting trip. I arrived city after city with no gospel witness. My task seems like a daunting one since we are the only independent baptist church in the entire department of Olancho. Let me tell you what that means. We are the only ones aggressively reaching the people. We strive to keep doctrine pure. We have two bus routes and I am visiting constantly. Many people treat church like a social club, it is something more. After my trip, I feel completely overwhelmed and outnumbered. I am going to be making a video to show the need in Olancho, Honduras. I see why the Lord called us here. This place has been ignored for a long time. No one would come here to start churches, until now.

When I arrived in Campamento, I received counsel from a veteran missionary and national pastor to start reaching the young people. They are now growing up and are going to be graduating from high school. All the years that we have worked for will now come to fruition. We have built our ministry on young people. I took a picture recently to see how many young people that we have. The

picture is of 10 to18-year- olds. Imagine sending this mighty army out into the ministry and starting strong, Bible believing churches, where there are none.

Here are ways to help. If you haven’t sent in the $300 love offering, please do. This is vitally needed for the ministry. We need to start a Bible institute for the young people. We desperately need to finish our building. Without the building, the Bible institute won’t have anywhere to meet. I would hate to have the young people graduate and we are not prepared to start a Bible institute. This would set things back and we would need to start over again. It would also increase the people’s faith. We need more churches to visit us. I can write all this in a prayer letter, but seeing the need will have a much bigger impact. We need young couples to join our team. If we had a team, there is so much that can be done for the cause of Christ. Our intern will be leaving us and many people ask me, “Is the States going to send anyone else?” With much sadness, I am forced to say, “I don’t know.” If you have given to our building, thank you. Let’s keep making an investment and don’t lose the dream of starting more churches where the gospel is needed.

Missionary in Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo

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