Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Thank you everyone for praying for my wife. It is always something scary when you find something out of the ordinary with your body. Your support and prayers through this were very helpful. We are thankful for the insurance through BIMI. We did not need to spend nearly as much money as we could have. Our insurance paid for 100% of the medical care. The only costs were the hotel night stay and food. We are very appreciative for all your help.

We did not get all the answers while my wife was in Mexico City. The good news is that my wife doesn’t have breast cancer. She does have a fibrocystic mass. The doctor said that it is something that she will have to live with. She talked to her doctor here and said that the next step would be to get a biopsy. The doctor said that it is good that my wife went to Mexico City because they were very thorough there. My wife said that they were very professional there also. Please pray for us as we will need to make more decisions in the future.

On September 28, we are going to start a very special time in our church. We are going to start our annual discipleship class again for new converts. This is a time that I enjoy. I get to teach the basic doctrines and practices. I also get to answer any new questions that they might have. There are 26 lessons that I will teach until December. I enjoy teaching people the Bible that were not taught.

Please pray for more men in our church. The men in our area are particularly hard to reach. I am working with a family and the mother told me that the father gets drunk quite often. The mother’s name is Bessy and the father’s name is Leni. Right now he is on his 15 day drinking binge. He was coming to church and then he stopped because of his drinking. Bessy came from a very Catholic home, but doubts her Catholic faith. I have witnessed to her, but she feels that she must arrive to some point of perfection in order to get saved. They have two kids together. Pray that the Lord can break down barriers.

I have two teenage boys that I am training to preach. These are the only “men” that I have. Jose, 17, and Christian, 16, are the only two men that I can rely on. Jose is going to be graduating from high school in November. He has expressed to me a desire to go to Bible college in a different country because he knows the constraints that his family would put on him. He knows that he needs to leave father and mother in order to do what God has called him to do. Christian will graduate in two years. He will do the same thing. Some men in our area believe that church is for women because they see women preaching in all the churches and them taking the leadership. We have the only church that doesn’t allow women preaching. Men won’t come because of alcohol too. Alcoholism is very real in our town. The only adults that we have are women. Please pray that God would touch the heart of the men and that they will see their need in Christ. Please pray for our women that they would stay strong in the faith and be willing to be used of the Lord.

Your missionary to Honduras,
Daniel Jacobo

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