Daniel Jacobo

My name is Daniel Jacobo. I was born in Los Angeles, CA. I lived in that area for ten years and then moved to Las Vegas, NV. I lived in the Las Vegas area for six years and then lived in Santa Maria, CA. I was saved at the age of seventeen at Fundamental Baptist Church in Santa Maria, CA. On July of 1997, I heard a message titled “How do you know if you are saved?” I did not know, but at the end of that morning service I did know. By far, that is the greatest moment in my life.

Under the leadership of Pastor Bud Silva, I became involved in the bus ministry and the choir. At the age of eighteen, I attended Fundamental Baptist School. I was there for only one year, but what a glorious year. After I graduated from Fundamental Baptist School, I attended Golden State Baptist College. During my sophomore year, God began burdening my heart for the country of Honduras. With each passing day, that burden grew stronger. It was my junior year when I met my future wife.

After my senior year, I took a mission’s trip to Honduras to see the country that the Lord had been burdening my heart for. That was one trip I will never forget. When I was there, I knew I was home. When I got back from Honduras, I attended the Masters Program at Golden State Baptist College. I attended college from the Fall of 1999-the Spring of 2004. God taught me many things at college. God showed me a lot about ministry, even my personal life.

I was married on June 11, 2005. Next to salvation, that was the most incredible moment in my life. I do not know what I would do without my wife. She is certainly an angel sent from Heaven.

Abigail Jacobo

I was born on April 7, 1982 in Visalia, CA. I had the wonderful privilege of being raised in a godly home. I was raised in church from a very young age. My parents always had me in church every time the doors were open. I had the wonderful privilege to be involved in the bus ministry as well as the church choir.

I was saved at the age of fifteen while attending a Baptist camp in August of 1997. From a very young age I had always had a burden for missions. Following senior year in high school. I had the opportunity to take a missions trip to Mexico in July of 2001. I spent three weeks working with a missionary. I was involved in soul-winning, church services, and week-long Bible clubs.

I began attending Golden State Baptist College in the Fall of 2001. This was where I met my future husband, Daniel. We were married on June 11, 2005 following my graduation from college with an Elementary Education degree in May of 2005. Our daughter Isabel was born in May of 2006, and she is a special joy to our lives.